School Safety Committee

School Safety Committee

Kevin Jones                                   Chair, School Safety Coordinator

Bela Bode                                       Assistant School Safety Coordinator

Petr Kilian                                      Assistant School Safety Coordinator

Andreas Stasch                              Assistant School Safety Coordinator

Scott Filipovic                                Estates

Magnus Alphey                              School of Biology Liaison,  X-Ray Safety

Terry Smith                                    Biological Safety

Carlos Penedo-Esteiro                  Laser Safety

Paul Connor                                    Contract Research Staff

Iain Smellie                                     Teaching

Brian Walker                                   Technical

Iona Hutchison                               Disabilities Officer

Garry Muir                                       Janitorial Staff

Carolyn Busby                                 Secretarial

Bob Steele                                        School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tomasso di Rocco                          School of Earth and Environmental Sciences