First Aid Personnel

First Aiders:                            room            Phone                     email

* Iona  Hutchison 214 3803  
* Iain Patterson M241 1856
Louise Major B305 3417
* Steve Francis 101e 2273
* Neil Keddie 362 7264
John Nicolson Level 2 BSRC 3398
Chris Simmons-Riach Level 3 BSRC 3416
Jacqueline Nairn 352 3604

Emergency First Aiders:

Magnus Alphey B204 7257
Sabine Gruschow Level 3 BSRC 3436
Dominic Stewart M241 1856

* Oxygen-Cyanide and First aiders

The safety teams work together and take specialist advice from other members of university staff.

 University Chemical Hazards Adviser 

Dr A Aitken room 441 Phone 3865  email raa

University Head of Health and Safety

Mr H. Graham  Bute Building Phone 2751 email hg61

University Deputy Head of Health and Safety

Dr P. W. S. Szawlowski   Bute Building Phone 2753 email pwss