Fire Stewards

Fire Marshal (Incident Controller)
Dr Alan Aitken (Deputy – Dr Eli Zysman-Colman)

Fire Stewards and duty placement
Dr Daniel Dawson & Dr Eli Zysman-Colman     Main Entrance  (Level 2)                              Prof Chris Baddeley                                         Main East (common room) exit
Mr Derek Waddell                                            East (Sasol) stairwell exit                             Dr Yuri Andreev                                               North East stairwell exit
Dr Tomas Lebl                                                 North West stairwell exit (BMS car park).
Mr Robert Cathcart & Dr Stephen Francis       Exits to West car park including courtyard
Mr Artur Czernik & Dr Richard Baker               Surface Sci. exit and stair to main entrance
Mr Brian Walker                                              Entrance to West car park                          Mr Ross Blackley & Mr Fraser Kirk                  Substitute Stewards (at Main Entrance)

All Stewards should have yellow visible jackets for identification in an emergency situation.